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Welcome To GMK Home Inspection Service

Welcome to GMK Home Inspection Service. Established in 2002. Greg Kreusel, owner and professional inspector, has been a licensed inspector for 20+ years

(TREC Lic.#6170)

Greg comes from an Electrical Engineering background along with many years of experience in the construction industry. He continues his education and skills by belonging to various inspector organizations and taking continuing education classes. Greg has served on the board of San Antonio Texas Assoc. of Real Estate Inspectors for many years. Clients have expressed great comfort in knowing that they have hired a thorough, concerned, experienced, and well trained inspector to guide them through the tough buying process. Why choose anyone else?

Who We Are

  • Trained home inspectors
  • Certified Company
  • Licensed workers
  • Professional home inspectors

What We Offer

  • Foundation inspection
  • Roof Inspection
  • Structure Inspection
  • All Systems Inspection
Why Choose Us

At GMK, we strive to provide our clients peace of mind!

Most people’s biggest investment is their home. It’s imperative to have your new or existing house thoroughly inspected by a licensed home inspector to ensure you are fully informed about its condition. Existing problems can become very costly to repair. Nobody enjoys being surprised by a home’s defects. We will provide you with a thorough inspection report exposing these problems in detail. You deserve to know before you buy.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Professional Home Inspection?

Services for professional home inspections are considered essential. Homeowners will benefit from inspections by being more informed about their properties. By hiring a qualified home inspector, you may be able to avoid making needless repairs.

Have the knowledge about a home ahead of time



Purchasing a home can be the biggest investment of your lifetime. Having an inspection by a professional and highly trained inspector can be the best way that you can protect your financial investment prior to purchase. All homes have some issues and deficiencies that vary in complexity. You deserve the proper information to make an informed decision. This can also affect the value of your home. Whether you are in the market for a new or existing home, you can count on GMK Home Inspection Service to give you an unbiased assessment of the home. Our inspection services are well known and trusted in San Antonio and all surrounding areas. We offer detailed and comprehensive reports that contain photos for verification. All inspections include a foundation digital level evaluation. Because time is of the essence, we will strive to provide you with an inspection performed with the highest standards and integrity. At the end of all inspections, we will sit down with you to review all photos and details, and discuss all of your concerns that arise. Reports are delivered within 24 hours of the inspection in most cases.
Our Work Process

We Provide The Best Process Experience

01. Request an Inspection

Call, book, request, or make an appointment and get a free quote for your needed project!

02. Select A Time

We contact you for details on your project and schedule an onsite estimate if necessary.

03. The Inspection

Our professionals get to work on your project until completion.

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